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Hi - My name is Isabella and I have started  "Project Bell 🔔"  to raise money for bells / plaques to be placed in radiation centers.

I am raising money to buy  "new beginning"  bells and plaques to be donated to radiation centers. This means a lot to me because the bell will be used for something called "The Ringing of the Bell" ceremony.  A very close family member was recently treated with radiation at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.   At this hospital,  when patients finish their radiation treatments they ring a big bell three times after reciting a poem (see above for poem) to signify the end of their treatment and a new start to their life.   When the patient rings the bell, everyone at the treatment center and their friends and family join in to celebrate. I saw that it was a very emotional and wonderful moment to those receiving treatment. The patients talk about the date when they are going to ring the bell and support each other by cheering each other on when they ring the bell.  

In order to raise money for the bells and plaques, I create, make, and sellthree types of inspirational bangle bracelets as well as black velvet chokers with inspirational charms on them.  I initially created these bracelets right before my family member completed her course of radiation treatments and was going to ring the bell, as she wanted a pretty piece of jewelry to keep her inspired and hopeful. Once I saw how much it helped her and how important the bell ringing ceremony was to her, I decided to start this project. You can scroll to the "Products" section to look at the different bracelets and chokers.

Bangle bracelets with charms-

 - One bracelet includes three charms- Hope", "Faith" and a "Bell".
-  One bracelet includes a large and ornate "Hamsa" charm.
-  The third bracelet has a large "Tree of Life" charm on it.
- The last bracelet has a large “paw print” charm. Honor you pet and their consistent love.

Rawhide bracelet with charms-
-  White, Brown or black, with choice of charms

All of the bracelets are $18 and 100% of the net profits will be used to purchase the bells and plaques

Please feel free to forward this link to anyone who might want to buy the bracelet(s) and/or choker(s) and support "Project Bell 🔔 for "New Beginning Bells" for radiation centers. Please also feel free to forward this link to any radiation centers that would like a "new beginning bell."

Thank You,  Isa-bell-a  🔔